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Storm Damaged Home? We’ll Buy it for CASH.

Southeast Texas is tough on homes. They suffer through hurricanes, floods, wind storms, tornadoes, and lightning strikes. If you have a storm damaged home that you want to turn into cash, we are ready to buy. 409 Cash Home Buyers is looking for homes across the Golden Triangle including Port Neches, Groves, Nederland, Beaumont, Orange, … Continued

How to Buy and Hold Property in South East Texas

Done right, buying and holding an investment property is a great way to build your portfolio, amass wealth as the value of your holdings increases over time, and create a reliable monthly cash flow. Passive income earned through your real estate investments allows you the financial freedom to do what you want with your time. … Continued

How to Make Money From Rental Properties in South East Texas

There are many things to learn before you begin making money from rentals. From locating, negotiating, and closing to rehabbing, day-to-day management, and when it’s time to sell, there are many stages of investing, leaving several opportunities along the way where you could make a costly misstep. So, read on as we explore how to … Continued

How to Sell a House With Tenants in South East Texas

An exit strategy should be a part of every investment, with the sale of the property planned out ahead of time. Of course, savvy real estate investors understand they must keep a steady eye on the market and their holdings and, when called to make adjustments, which may leave a landlord holding a rental property … Continued